Netflix is hiring in SLC.

Netflix streams content in over 190 countries. Our amazing customers receive outstanding support from our center in Salt Lake City, Utah. And we’re hiring. We need determined people who love a challenge—people who are passionate about helping others stream on.

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We’re not strangers to hard work.

If you enjoy a fulfilling work environment where you take on challenges with courage and creativity, then you’ll be right at home as part of our team. To us, working hard leaves us satisfied at the end of a shift well done.

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A job without the politics.

We value the hard work and dedication our employees continually demonstrate. Imagine a place where you can read people, not scripts—where you’re free to be who you are (and rewarded for it). That’s NetflixCS—a wonderful experience for you, the team and our customers.

See what it’s like at NetflixCS.

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“Netflix clearly wants us to enjoy working here! We are paid extremely well for what we do, and on top of the pay and benefits, we are rewarded with extra incentives consistently.”

— Jessica

“I’m a full-time student, and Netflix worked with my hours so I can keep going to school. I owe a lot to NetflixCS.”

— Keith

“I love working at NetflixCS. The pay is above industry standard. When they offer extra hours or overtime, it’s not time and a half: you get double pay!”

— Latu

Be who you are at NetflixCS.