A culture that rules.

Enjoy working with stunning colleagues and helping customers without a script. It’s an environment that you can trust. We’re about doing what’s right for our customers, and that means doing what’s right for our employees. You were born for this. Join the royal class of service.

Our Global CS Culture.

Our goal at Netflix is to provide joy through amazing content and a seamless user experience. Occasionally, our customers need our help; whether it’s explaining how Netflix works, updating payment information, or improving their experience. It’s our job as a team to efficiently provide the highest quality support possible, returning our current and future customers to the joy of Netflix.

Values are what we value.

Values are showcased in many workplaces. Usually, they’re reflected in high gloss, beautifully framed posters that line the walls of the most frequently visited lobbies, hallways, and conference rooms. Values are great. And we have them too. But the difference is that at NetflixCS there is rigor and discipline to ensure our values are demonstrated by all of us, every day, through our words and actions.

We rely on our judgmentcourage, and integrity every day as we strive to make the best decisions and do the right thing for our customers, colleagues, and NetflixCS.

Our work is fueled by passion and innovation. We focus on impact in order to excel at helping our customers and colleagues, while improving the NetflixCS experience.

Our skilled communication, genuine curiosity, commitment to inclusion, and selflessness enable us to truly connect with our customers and colleagues. This connection helps us explore and understand how we can best contribute.

How is our culture different?

Many customer service centers believe an environment of control, process and rigidity is the right way to operate. In these environments, you see scripts that dictate the words and language you must use when interacting with customers. You may see monitors reflecting a constant flow of metrics in order to drive home the importance of data-driven results. You see hallway walls filled with posters of do’s and don’ts.

Our approach is unique.

We think our team members do their best when given simple and solid context about how we want our customers to leave an interaction with us: completely satisfied. Our responsibility is to resolve problems quickly and effectively, to enable our customers to stream the TV shows and movies they love. As consumers, when we have problems with the products we purchase, we often dread the customer service experience that we are accustomed to: long waiting times, robotic interactions, and apathy about really wanting to solve our problems. At NetflixCS, our subscribers are our lifeblood. We strive to provide joy through our user experience and the amazing, diverse content we offer. So, why would we think any differently about how we interact with our subscribers when they need our help?

Be who you are.

Our managers get great outcomes by setting appropriate context, instead of controlling their people. The type of team member we attract and retain doesn’t need a script to tell them the best way to help our customers. Of course, we provide a knowledge base to help our team members provide all the latest information on our product, content, marketing, and partnership efforts. We think our team members want the freedom to interact and communicate with our subscribers as they see fit, in their own voice. You want to be yourself. Our subscriber base has rich and diverse tastes in the content they consume; a narrow and prescriptive offering simply doesn’t apply. So, if our subscribers expect this level of personalization, their expectation of a dynamic, non-prescriptive customer service interaction is likely the same. We ask that you be yourself and be impactful. We ask our team members to be courageous and solve our customers’ problems in the most efficient way. Bottom line: Our responsibility is to get subscribers back to streaming.

Use your best judgment.

We attract and retain team members who embrace this flexibility in working with customers, so we assume they want the same flexibility in their employment in general. At NetflixCS, you won’t see a whole set of constricting rules, policies, and processes. Sure, you might find them where they make sense, but not in a way that limits you from identifying the best way to serve our customers. Want to offer a customer a refund? Use reasonable judgment about what’s right for that individual customer and the business. Schedule doesn’t work for you on a given day? Great, swap it out, but be responsible and get someone to cover it. Need some coffee or snacks? We’ve got you covered. But clean up after yourself so that others can enjoy our great workplace just as you have. We’re not going to put a poster up to show you how to be responsible. We expect you to get it.

What’s in it for you?

We believe that in order to attract and retain the best talent, we need to pay competitively and provide benefits that best support you and your family. We know you have many choices of employers and top talent is scarce. For those who continue to contribute to NetflixCS over time, we offer a generous supplement to the competitive pay you already earn. Additionally, we realize that most high performers are looking for development and growth over time, and that monotony and boredom are the worst case scenarios. So, while your main focus is on providing the best experience for our customers, we also give you opportunities to provide feedback on ways to optimize your and your customers’ experiences. Great ideas come from all team members and we embrace colleagues who are creative thinkers.

Solving problems is your calling.

We think about what you get out of your experience at NetflixCS in a number of ways, and it depends on where you are in your career. Some are interested in NetflixCS as a career itself. Customer service is at the core of your being. You thrive on it. Solving problems is your calling. If this is you, and your future is to lead teams in a customer service environment, we’ve got opportunities. We have a well-defined career track where we identify the best of the best internally and promote to leadership roles where you can mentor and coach others, drive results, and have an impact on the goals and direction of the site.

Opportunity is yours.

Others may be interested in building skills that are transferable to other jobs in the future. Things like problem solving, communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork are important in all jobs, and you can exercise them daily within your role. Some of you are here to build connections. That’s OK too. You’ll find many opportunities to build relationships through fun activities and events at and outside the site. Regardless of why you’re here and what you want out of your experience, we can assure you that your work will have a direct impact on revolutionizing how people watch TV shows and movies.

What should you expect from your leaders?

We believe our leaders do their best work and build the best teams when they are given the freedom to lead their people in their own way. Our managers are highly aligned on the goals we are seeking to accomplish, but loosely coupled on their individual approaches. Our leaders are candid, transparent, and inspirational. They are here to support you doing your best work. You’ll get a lot of coaching on what you’re doing well and how you can be better. Coaching is not punitive. And there is no checklist dictating how many times a day/week/month you’ll be coached.

The best experience for everyone.

You won’t find hierarchy barriers here at NetflixCS. If you need to talk with a leader, there’s no chain of command or protocol to follow. We’re here to create the best experience for our employees and customers. If you have an opinion, concern, idea or thought about how to make these experiences better, simply voice it. We engage in healthy dialogue at all levels so that we arrive at the best approach and solutions for our business. Our culture is unique. And it’s what differentiates our customer and employee experience around the world.