Netflix is global.
But we’re looking for locals.

Netflix has content streaming in over 190 countries. To support our amazing members,we give outstanding customer service from our center in Salt Lake City. Our agents are devoted to getting customers back to streaming lickety-split.


Service runs in our Bloodline.

If customer service is part of your DNA, you’re a great fit for a company built around its members. If you want a career instead of a job, there’s a place for you at NetflixCS. We offer the chance to work within an incredibly amazing culture and brand while also offering top of market pay and benefits. Bam, mic drop.

Benefits that
make life more chill.

At NetflixCS, we try to make life easier while you’re at work. Our employees can select their schedule, eat at our heavily subsidized cafe as well as hydrate on all the free cappuccino a human can consume.

A preview of reality.
NetflixCS style.


A day in the life of a Customer Service Fanatic


A day in the life of a Customer Service Agent 2


A day in the life of a Customer Service Supervisor


I love working here. You are pure customer service and you really have freedom in how you do your job. The culture is all about honesty and really caring about your customers and you can see that.”


— Glassdoor Review

Be who YOU are at NetflixCS.

Featured Jobs

Customer Service Agent

At Netflix, we are shaping the future of global entertainment because we believe there is a better way to watch. Our members need our help from time to time, and that’s where our Global CS organization focuses; providing amazing interactions with our subscribers ar...